Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Causes of Diabetes.

A Type 1 diabetic is unable to produce insulin altogether whilst a Type 2 diabetic is ether not able to use insulin at they should be able to, or they cannot create insulin in sufficient quantities to live without insulin injections. People with Type 2 diabetes are by far the most common, with around 19 out of 20 people falling into this category. The causes of diabetes has remained somewhat of a mystery for some time, however many say that the cause of diabetes could be something genetic and childhood infection is also proposed as another potential, yet unconfirmed, reason why diabetes could be caused. One thing is that the profile of a Type 2 diabetes sufferer is generally someone overweight, however this is seen as being slightly different from Type 1 because the weight issues could account for why insulin is not created in sufficient quantities, but this could not be the reason why a person could be completely incapable of creating it. During times when someone is run-down, either through physical exertion or illness, a person can alter from having Type 1 diabetes to having Type 2 diabetes. For this reason, it is often the case that people are asked to undertake a rigorous exercise and dieting schedule to combat this. Potential (unconfirmed) Causes of DiabetesType 1Infection induced by a certain bacteriaExposure to Toxins through food consumptionCow Milk at too Young an AgeType 2As you get older you are statistically more likely to get itObesityPhysical InactivityWhat Are the Myths Associated With Diabetes?Years upon years ago it was believed within certain spheres that diabetes is contagious. It is now safe to confirm that this is certainly not the case. Despite that, there is speculation that it could be a genetic condition, which could lead people to believe that they contracted it from family members from blood, sweat, touching etc. Evidence that it could be genetic comes from trends of diabetes running in families; however this could be a result of similar environments and lifestyle rather than through ones genes.Stress is often claimed to be a catalyst for diabetes however there is no evidence to suggest that this is indeed the case. Despite the fact that stress does not cause diabetes it could be a reason for Type 1 diabetes turning into Type 2 diabetes or the effects of diabetes being worse on a given day than another.Eating an excess amount of sugar will not cause someone to contract diabetes. However, that is not to say that it could not indirectly. This means that eating too much sugar could cause a person to put on weight, which could in turn lead to poor health which could, potentially, cause diabetes. It is said that type 2 diabetes could potentially be caused by obesity. Although not directly, it could be something which could be a contributing factor.

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